Beautiful Day on the Suwannee River

Yesterday a group of us set out at daybreak from Fargo, GA ramp on the Suwannee River for a 19.6 mile trip to the Roline ramp in FL. The outing was set up and sponsored by WWALS Watershed Coalition

The day started out a bit chilly but, warmed up nicely after a few hours.

We saw a lot of bird life along the banks. Here is list of the different birds we saw: wood ducks, little blue heron, night heron, Great blue heron, snowy egret, great egret, red shoulder hawk, turkey vultures, red bellied woodpecker. We also saw otters and one small alligator.

The trees were amazing! Huge cypress and tupelo trees lined the banks and were occasionally in the middle of the river.

Beautiful white sand bars at almost every bend offer a relaxing space to enjoy a picnic or a swim (on a warmer day).

The water in this part of the Suwannee is very tannic giving it an almost black look, hence the name Blackwater. These next pictures show the contrast of the blackwater and white sand.

What a great day on the water!

If you are interested in taking this trip or another similar trip please contact me at or check out the website and chose one of the trips there,

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